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Octane Boosters

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Anyone tried these? I tried them on motorcycles in another life...not sure if I want to experiment with my passenger vehicles :confused: Anyway, after reading Hacks thread on his 100 octane fuel, just curious if anyones had any experiences with Octane boosters.
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Actually, no....

No real risk of burning "too hot". All that octane does is make combustion more difficult (like an ignition retardent). Race cars use high octance fuels to prevent detonation (usually from very high compression ratios or super/turbo chargers - anything that will substantially increase cylinder pressure/temperature). I have heard rumors of cars that have used a very high octane fuel that don't need ended up damaging the oxygen sensors....but those are rumors....

I don't think you will see any benefits from using higher octane fuels in your car "stock". The computer will adjust timing up to a certain extent (I believe for 92-94 octane). I do not think the stock computer will advance timing any more than what it can achieve with that octane.

However, an aftermarket chip (or Shark Injector) may advance the timing further to take advantage of the higher octane.
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1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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