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Octane Boosters

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Anyone tried these? I tried them on motorcycles in another life...not sure if I want to experiment with my passenger vehicles :confused: Anyway, after reading Hacks thread on his 100 octane fuel, just curious if anyones had any experiences with Octane boosters.
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Most are just plain bad for your car! If you want to pump up your octane you can add some racing fuel to your tank occasionally. Tolulene will also raise the octane but I can't remember the proportion. DON'T use a product like "104 Octane Boost" it will kill your injectors!
Yup! actually many racers come down and buy 110 octane av gas. and Rip, anyone can come down and buy some...
Hey, rip plays a pilot on TV.... errr, a computer monitor that is...
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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