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Official Bimmerfest Neuschwanstein Castle Photo spot.

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Many ED Bimmerfest members photograph their car in front of Neuschwanstein. Here are the directions to the photo spot - so you can spend your time touring the castles instead of boring your wife or significant other looking for the perfect photo spot.

Basically, driving down the main road, you will see some open farm fields off to the right. There is a "no traffic allowed" sign at the entrance to the street (Red circle with white center), but if you don't drive too far no one seems to mind. Park near the tree at the fork in the road (three hundred meters from the main road) and photograph your car with the castle in the background.

Late afternoon is probably the best time for a shot. A polarizer filter is a good idea to bring the colors out in your paint job. Try to a long lens to help magnify the castle, or less of a telephoto of you want to emphasize the car.

Here are directions from the parking lot to the photo spot:,10.743492&spn=0.012785,0.02856&t=h&z=16


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And, some member photos.

Don't forget to post your photos here!


We aim to please!

I'll be eternally grateful for this post.
My ED starts next Sunday and I wanted to bet a photo at exactly this spot.

You've made it sooooo easy! :D
Yeah, he was working the field when I was there too, but he didn't seem to care. He had just mowed the grass under the tree shortly before I was there (kind of nice as it allowed me to get a low angle picture). The fork in the road actually goes off to a small (one lift) ski area that you can see from castle).

There was a farmer on a tractor doing some work in that vicinity when I was there, so it was a no-go. I immediately recognized it when I drove by.
I remember one fester posted a pic of his car parked right up at the castle...that was awesome
Something like this (best done under the cover of darknes???):


How do you update things on the Wiki anyway???

And +1 on the map. Great post. We should get this up in the wiki, since it's almost as obligatory as the 12-hour post (if you go to Neuschwanstein).
Great shots! It was nice of them to mow the grass for you!
Boy, it looks like they had a hard time squeezing that license plate onto your car!

The little halo around the castle is cool!
Not allowed, unless you post a map of where you took the picture!!!

This is a great thread, wish it had been around before my trip in May. As a second thought though, why not build a whole list of favorite photo ops? These pictures are about halfway down the length of Am Plansee where there is a broad gravel area with no trees.
Perfect - you got lucky with the short grass and the flowers. The grass was about 2 feet tall when I was there, but they had just mowed a small patch of it so it didn't get in the way of my picture.
I am impressed with all of the interesting pictures here. What a photo spot. I am tempted to comment on the creativity of the people here! What a group.

For instance, I thought this was a great and unique angle. Needs a little fill in flash and then it would really look sharp – something like this:


Yeah, something like this:


could be nice with two cars in the picture!
Great photos - keep 'em coming!



I still regret not doing what I'm about to suggest ... I was sick, sick, sick when we were in Hohenschwangau and just couldn't make myself get up early the 2nd day.

On the first day we were there, I got up at 7a and ran up the hill-side to Neuschwanstein. The area up there was completely deserted. No one at the castle or near it, no one on the road and no barriers.

I believe it would be easy (and legal from what I could tell) to get up there 7-7:30 am and take a few nice pics right next to the building. Better take a very wide angle lens, though.
Darn, that would have been nice - although a late evening sunset in June/July would be better lighting.

This It has been done before (at night). See post #18 here for what the photo looks like (first page).

As I recall, there is a "do not enter" sign at the beginning of the driveway (if you understand European signs), but there is nothing to stop you from driving up there during off hours.
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