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Hey Nate and those who asked this before, I just got a comfirmation from a BMW dealer in UK. Also, parts will only be supplied based on given chassis number (much like ALPINA :(). So the fact that I got the suede SMG wheel is, well, probably a mistake made by BMW AG! :D

Here's the message:

BMW's offical reply to all M3 CSL enquires: Quote:

Thank you for registering your interest in the M3 CSL through your preferred
BMW Dealer. As you may be aware, despite the current press speculation we
cannot yet confirm that this car will actually be produced.

However, by receiving your details, it will allow us to contact you directly
with any information, in the first instance to either confirm its production
or that the car will, regrettably, not be built. Please also note that in
case the model will be produced, because of the potential limited numbers,
there can be no guarantee that all enquiries will be fulfilled.

Please note that we are unable to reply individually to any questions you
may have about the car.

Once again thank you for your interest in BMW and the M3 CSL, and we look
forward to updating you in the near future.


M3 CSL Information.
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