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June 2010 saw 33 new BMWs delivered to Bimmerfest members at the BMW Welt [June 2009 saw 41; the numbers for June 2008, June 2007 (in Freimann), and June 2006 were 56, 39, and 30 respectively].

This brings the total number of deliveries this year to 149, up from 129 for the same period in 2009. This represents a ca. 16% year-to-date increase. The year-to-date totals for 2008, 2007, and 2006 were 333, 230 , and 144 respectively.

The outlook for 2010 is not bad: 40 deliveries are already scheduled for July; last July there was a total of 29 European Deliveries. 13 deliveries are scheduled for August (last year there were 21), 21 for August (23 in 2009), 4 for October (34 in 2009), and 2 for November (14 in 2009).


If you haven't yet posted your delivery date for 2010, here is how to post.

You can post your delivery date (please, only confirmed dates) by clicking here.

The entry format is simple and requires 3 steps.

1.) In the TITLE field, put your screen name, followed by your car and color (your choice of English or German of course)

i.e. JSpira 550i Carbonschwarz metallic or JSpira E60 550i Carbonschwarz metallic

Don´t put other details such as options in this field please. It makes the calendar too crowded and I will have to edit them out. (N.b. "M-sport" is an option, not a model, and will be deleted.)

2.) Select the date.

3.) In the ,,What car are you picking up?`` field, put your details such as interior color, options, etc.

Optional 4th step:
4.) If you want to include your appointment time, include it in the "what car are you picking up" field so others that day can see your appointment time.
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