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Oh yeah! TunerMotorsports to race E46 325i!!!!

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Oh yeah! TurnerMotorsports to race E46 325i!!!!

Finally!! Some good 325s put to good use! :D

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details on engine...????

wonder if it's a true racing motor running high compression or if the rules disallow that sort of thing.

are these cars in the speedvision worldcup challenge?
i would use an S54 and not the S50, too.

better breathing engine for better area under the torque curve.

the question is: how unlimited is the class for engine modifications?
robg: why 2.5L engine?

i wonder why, too.

but i'm guessing since the series tries to be quite fair, that if you're allowed the 2.8litre or 3.0litre engine? that you're penalized with weight to make it more even.

because also in this class (and dominant) have been the integra type R cars (hugh plumb, maybe?). so, to keep it fair, i'll bet they look at the 1.8litre type R engine and the 3.0 litre and slap a fat 100-200kg penalty right there.

and since the 2.5 litre S54 is so darn close to the "old" 2.8litre engine'd e36 racing cars, i'll bet they'd rather start building up that engine instead of tweaking the bigger 3.0 and dealing with weight.
vince: you're right.

i mean the current 2.5 litre motor, whatever it's called:......s52 dual vanos?

i forget.

i noticed that (with disappointment, too), that the "old" 323 had 170hp/181ft#'s and the new engine obviously switches those two parameters around.

anyway: i think the racing M coupe supercharged is the one that steve dinan runs competitively.
1 - 5 of 38 Posts
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