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Oh yeah! TunerMotorsports to race E46 325i!!!!

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Oh yeah! TurnerMotorsports to race E46 325i!!!!

Finally!! Some good 325s put to good use! :D

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One question though. Someone posted a while back saying that TurnerMotorsports actually transplanted the M50 2.5L not use the M54 2.5L. From their website, it seems that it is the latter, not the former.

Also, the reason why this car looks so ricey is *probably* due to the 17" wheels??

Here's another pic:

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TD: I am afraid that car driven by Don Salama in the background is a E36 Coupe. I confirmed that with TMS a while ago.

robg: I have every reason to believe that the M54 2.5L has a lot of potential to be tuned around with. Dyno numbers have already shown that the listed numbers for 325 (184hp, 175lb-fts) are underrated. My arguement is that the BMW marketing has again, made that difference intentionally so that the 330 owners feel more secured with the 41hp difference for the amount of money they paid. I am not kidding on this one. The dyno numbers for 33

atyclb: Believe it or not, for the last decade of STW, STCC, BTCC, Nurburing 24-hour, de Spa, ADAC TW touring cups, almost every BMW used was an E36 sedan. Coupes were used in very few DTM races. Here's my partial collection of E36 sedans raced...

blackdawg: Mmm...isn't S54 the E46 M engine?? I am trying to track down the restrictions for Speedvision Touring Championship...must be somewhere on the net.
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TD and atyclb...please!!

Let's drink up for TMS nonetheless.
. Their first race this Saturday on Speed Channel. Aye!

Also I am sure both of you agree on one thing: U2. Right?? right??
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