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Oil Change - Warranty

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I took delivery on a brand new vehicle on 8/2011. It is a little more than a year. My vehicle's computer indicates oil change is due on 5/2013. I want to go in for a oil change this year.

Is this still covered under warranty? I don't want to wait another 9 months before I get an oil change.

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Yes you are due now for the annual oil change that is specified in your owners manual or maintenance schedule. No charge.

Many dealers will not reset the mileage service indicator so you will still be tracking for an oil change at about 15 - 17k miles.

A reading of these forums leads me to believe BMW Manhattan will try to charge you $499 for this covered maintenance ..... avoid.
Yes, as said. If the oil light doesn't go on w/i a year of the last change you are eligible for a "low mileage" service.
Problem seems to be that the interval is 2 years for most markets and the date countdown is so programmed. But in the US, BMW specs a one year low mileage change but the OBC date has not been corrected, so show your dealer the appliccable page in your Service/Warranty manual & you'll get your free change.

Thanks, I found this in my service/warranty manual

"Oil Service: Engine oil should be changed with
the engine at operating temperature.
Note: Change oil at least once a year."

I'm going to print this page.
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