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Oil + DPF

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has anyone had experiences of oil getting into the dpf? I was wondering now I’ve cured a leaking crank case, if the dpf will still be able to regenerate.

Not the most expensive part in the world, but it’s a farce to re-fit. Can oil be cleared from a few decent regen cycles?

It’s been leaking and cooking oil in the dpf for a few months now.
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Certain chemicals will be.
Since you have oil in DPF, question is how much of byproduct of oil burn (sulfated ash and phosphorus-SAPS) is going to stay there after regeneration or some will go out? That is impossible to find out. SAPS is what eventually kills DPF/GPF. That is why vehicles equipped with it use so called Low-SAPS oils. It is to prolong life of DPF/GPF but eventually SAPS will clog it. Regeneration cannot burn carbon build up created by SAPS. So, only way to find out is to start car, keep driving and hope for the best.

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