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Oil Filter Housing Gasket Stripped Bolt

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A friend and I were going to change out the OFHG on his 2011 N51. The left lower bolt to the right of the mickey mouse flange ended up stripping after he decided to use an 8mm box wrench. He didn't want to take out the flange and ended up stripping the E10 bolt. Big regret as I told him to use an E10. The shortcut failed. Currently, he has sanded down the head to almost just the bolt shaft. When I tried to use an E10 in hopes of turning it loose, it seemed too tight. Here are the pictures of the bolt head and end of the thread. The first picture is the head. Looks like a battery. Can we use an extractor to drill it in and extract the bolt or take it to a shop? I'm just annoyed he took the shortcut route.
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Why not remove the other two bolts and see what you are left with. I would think since the head has been flattened the housing should come off. I don't recall if the housing itself is threaded. Does the replacement bolts have threads all the way up the shaft? They are aluminum bolts as I recall. They can easily be drilled out.
Not a bad idea but it looks like that housing is threaded too

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Take a look into the flange hole where one of the other bolts has been removed. You won't find threads in the flange regardless of the image above. The 3 threaded holes in the flange picture above must be for some other part to bolt to this housing not for the housing to bolt to the engine. Again, you can't have threads in 2 separate pieces that bolt together. they would never pull together by tightening the bolt.
Good point

The head of the bolt is on the underside
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So if THAT was sheered off you would be able to pull the remainder through bc the threads are in the housing

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number 1 side is not threaded. Number 2 side is. If you did cut the head off the bolt I would think once the other two screws are removed it should come off. Unless the number 1 side has threads which the prior poster says it doesn’t.
No threads on the #1 side so it would pull away cleanly. Murky waters here tho, you risk damaging a cylinder head. Curious why OP's guy grounded down the threads of that bolt in pic 2. post #1 ?
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