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Oil Leak

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What a surprise. Another oil leak! Just a small one at this time. Cleaned the area and waited. It appears to be coming from somewhere on the engine left side. It is coming down from above in the front and getting on the back side of the alternator then running down and back because of blow-back from there. Any guesses from anyone? I had the valve cover and upper timing cover gaskets changed a year ago but that of course doesn't mean that they are not leaking again. No oil leaking from the front top face of the engine so I don't think it is the VC or UTCC gaskets.
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I have a similar leak on my 750. I suspect it is leaking at one of the valve cover nuts, but I can not pinpoint the leak. I can see oil collecting on top of my motor mount nut, so I know it has to be directly about the mount. Others have removed the valve cover nut, & apply some silicone in the nut hole, then added a washer to clamp the valve cover tighter. Be careful to not over tighten the nut, if you choose to do this.

Good Luck!
Yuk, sorry about the bad luck. What oil are you using? I wonder if some of those oil leak reports are due to oil type or even oil change interval. I can't substantiate it, but from my personal experience BMW motors seem to stay sealed longer with consistent oil type.
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