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Oil level too high F10 520D 2010 (Manual)

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Hi all ! I've been having an issue lately with my 2010 520D SE (F10 Manual). Have got this diagnosed by an independant BMW specialist mechanic and a general mechanic. Their diagnosis didn't seem very promising.

So it started like this....

I randomly checked my oil level on iDrive and it shows 'Oil level too high. Get it checked by BMW service'. The same week, my Start-stop system stopped working. It's not a sensor malfunction as the dipstick reflects the high oil level as well. Upon cold starts, I do sometimes hear a loud knocking (rather than rattling) sound coming from the engine bay. I got the oil replaced few weeks ago and it went back to normal. The same issue has again occurred for the 2nd time.

I scanned for error codes (for the first time ever on this car) and it showed the following:

28D700 blow-by heating, control: interruption
244800 Info - Particle filter system: Limited remaining distance of the particle filter available
24F700 fuel filter heater, control: interruption

Out of these 3, the first 28D700 seems to be the main culprit as the fuel filter heater is unlikely to cause such a stir and DPF is just reaching end of life (still functioning).

I'm wondering how these error codes can lead to an increase in oil level (rather an oil contamination)? Any leads would be highly appreciated. Thanks !
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When changing your oil, did anyone attempt to measure the amount of oil drained from engine? If engine oil level returned to normal after first change and you're hearing a knocking sound, then perhaps it's a mechanical problem that allows fuel to leak into crankcase (and changing oil level). Is the frequency of knock related to engine rpm? Somehow, can't imagine any of the three error codes creating engine knocking.
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