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330xi Co-Pilot said:
Went out to the garage this morning and found a spot of what looks like oil right where the wife parks our '05 330xi. Thing is, it's not over where the engine would be situated.
Looked under the car tonight when she got home and the driver's side, from the left steering control arm to just under the rear passenger door, looks like it's coated in oil. There are spots on the garage floor of what looks like petroleum jelly or smooth peanutbutter. Figure this is cosmoline?
Can't find a source of the oil though. There's nothing forward of the steering control arm that would drop that much oil without making a much bigger mess, is there? Is this cosmoline burning off? It's black in color, has the consistancy of a thin oil, and smells of petroleum.
What do you think? Park it until Monday when the service department opens up?
Incidently, the car only has 3K on it. Two long weekends of about 1,000 miles each, and we love the car. Really really really hoping it's not serious.
Thanks for any help
That's cosmoline, don't worry about it. I have that under my car too and talked to my SA about it. He said for BMW prior to shipping, they sprayed exposed metal parts with cosmoline to prevent rusting, I guess, while on the ship to the US. Although, the dealer should have cleaned it that's just IMO.
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