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Oil Pan Removal: '86 528e ( 6cyl ; auto trans ) MFD: 4/86

Safety first!! Take all safety pre-cautions when working on and under the vehicle.

This ***8216;how-to***8217; is meant to be a supplement to other work manuals and shows more specific details about this particular vehicle.

Tools: a) basic car tools; jack and jack stands
b) wrenches - 17mm; 15mm; 13mm; 10mm
c) sockets - 17mm; 13mm; 10mm
d) ***8216;Torx***8217; star socket ***8211; E10 (10mm)
e) torque wrench
f) break bar (optional-for extra leverage)

Oil Pan Removal:

Step 1) Raise and support vehicle.
Step 2) Drain oil and remove oil filter.

Step 3) Remove crossbar.

Step 4) Remove flywheel cover (***8216;bellhousing reinforcement plate***8217;).

Step 5) Disconnect electrical connections (oil level sensor and ground wire).

Step 6) Remove oil pan retaining bolts and lower pan until***8230;
Note: oil pan can not be fully removed unless oil pump is removed also.

Step 7) Remove oil pump mounting bolts.
Note: tilt and move oil pan side-to-side to access bolts.

Step 8) Remove oil pan with oil pump.
Note: there are two obstacles that keep from easily removing the oil pan even
after the pump is un-bolted.
One: the pump has a thin pencil-like drive shaft that sticks up too high and
the pump needs to be carefully laid down on its side (in the pan) in order to
clear the engine.
Two: a cylinder tube tip points downward into the pan and the small tip is
retractable. You will need to ***8216;wiggle***8217; the pan around while pushing up on the
tip in order to clear the brace/bracket that is in the pan. You will need to do
this task again, in reverse, when re-installing pan.
(Pic#6A-pump is re-attached without pan for illustration purpose only.)

Step 9) Re-install by reversing removal process.

Step 10) Replace oil filter and re-fill oil. Done!

Suggestions and ***8216;Tips***8217;:

1)Use ***8216;Seafoam***8217; treatment in motor before old oil is drained. This way if the oil
pump filter gets ***8216;clogged***8217; then you can clean screen filter of pump after removal.

2) Replace old drive shaft with new one ($20).

3) Make sure drive shaft is properly re-inserted in hole of engine block before re-
bolting pump, starting with the single bolt bracket end.

4) Jack car up with plenty of space to work under***8230;.safety first!!

5) Use a light layer of RTV silicone glue (gasket maker) with gasket to provide better

6) Use rubbing alcohol on gluing surfaces of engine/oil pan before re-attaching.

7) Brake cleaner used on inside components and engine degreaser for outside
cleaning (as well as ***8216;dishwashing***8217; soap).

8) Allow weekend (at least two days ) for proper cleaning (and painting ?) of parts
before re-installing.

Additional Pics:


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