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Hi all.

I have a 2004 520i E60 with the M54B22 engine.
75000 miles on the clock. Got her for about 2k in May 2016 with the intent on putting money into it.

So far I'm about 1k in, not bad, I've covered a lot.

She has a few issues of course, what e60 doesn't.

My question here is about the Oil separator. I bought the CCV kit. It was the cold weather kit so the pipes were insulated and the separator valve itself was encased in rubber.

After I got my Indy to install the kit, he gave me the old parts, along with the rubber caring the Oil separator was encased in. He cut the valve out of the rubber casing and said it doesn't install with it on.

Thoughts here? Should I find a new Indy? I'm not sure if this was right as I'm now having common CCV issues.
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