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My car is down to 2 lights ( Yellow/Green) on the Interval, but " Oil Service" does not show up yet.
Shall I wait until the " Oil Service " show up then reset the Interval.
Because I try to reset it, but it is not flashing, it says " Reset, SIA 908 1 "
after 2-3 seconds, it says " End ", but still has only 2 lights ( Yellow/Green ).

Please advice



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I'm not positive, but I think you may need to trigger the oil service to reset it. The message you're getting seems to point in that direction.

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Did you try to redo it again as outlined in my PM? I couldn't tell from your description as to if you were actually following the instructions correctly.

But as to "should you reset the SI display now"...that's a personal choice. SIA III calculates the next OIL SERVICE or INSPECTION based on fuel consumption alone. And due to multiple engines...this factor varies as to how much needs to be consumed...but as you can see in the info below...each green LED is equal to 20% of the total amount. From this, we can estimate that the interval will be equal to a certain mileage based on AVG if you like to change your oil based on a specific can still use the lights to judge as to how far along you are in the "range" of miles (as well as fuel consumption) you are.

Resetting the display prematurely...doesn't change the fuel consumption calculation (see the 3rd bullet in the tech info below). So let's say you consumed 60% of the fuel consumption value...and then you reset the SI display. When you've consumed the next 40% of the fuel value...your SI display is going to quickly go from 5 illuminated green the yellow LED being illuminated as well as the yellow LED and if later, the red LED.

Personally, I don't reset the SI display until the OIL SERV or INSPECTION light illuminates because that is the time when a SI reset also resets the calculation to begin again.


Here's a quick synopsis & video of how to reset the SI display using the instrument cluster procedure which requires a 10/2000-up build date...or basically the E39s that do NOT have the 20 pin DLC in the engine bay:

From what I gather by what you wrote...I think you skipped one of the "press & hold" button instructions.
  • press & hold trip odometer, then turn ign to position 1...continue to press & hold trip odometer until you see "RESET" appear (and the mileage since the last reset...that's what the "9081" in the "Reset, SIA 908 1 " means)
  • release the trip odometer button, then press & hold it again and "reset" should begin to flash after approx 5 seconds (this may be the step you're skipping over)
  • press & release the button (again) and the SI display should reset if minimum value for resetting has occured (or turn the ignition to another position to cancel and NOT reset)

And here is an explanation of SIA III and how the service interval is calculated:

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