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Oil Temp Sensor

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Got my first check engine light in a long while--anyone know why it came on--OOOH wait I have a code reader and it's PO197 for the oil temp sensor--Now the real question I have --is this part located near (or on) the oil filter housing and is it different from the oil pressure switch? Thanks all
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No the oil level is just fine--the oil temp sensor id on the blip--meaning it doesn't work anymore
Interesting - the first Bentley reference to the oil temp P-code is on the M54 4/00+. P0197 denotes that the sensor is low, and P0198, high. So this must have been a mid-year addition.

There is no P-code for the M62. Perhaps they discovered that the M54 had an oil-temp problem, and sought to monitor it.

How about item 13?
Edjack--Thanks, that is what I was a huntin--I thought that the sensor was located there, just wanted to be sure --PM
Funny, I think I remember posting to take a look at this very sensor as well...
You might call the dealer or an independent mechanic and see if there is another oil sensor besides the #13 shown in the Real OEM diagram above...

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