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OK. I need some help.

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I need some help.

I've got this problem.. birds. Birds and bird "bombs" .. all over my car.

Can anyone recommend to me a few "must have" products to keep in the car? I want some liquid or other to dissolve the POO off without ruining my finish. I want something to wipe it all off the car. I want recommendations on anything else I might need.

Much thanks!!

- Cowboy
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Find any area clear of trees to park. Pine trees make a good area since they will shade the car and most birds (larger birds) do not like long-pined tree limbs. Try not to park UNDERNEATH them though, as a sap consideration.

I carry two little bottles, one of distilled water, and one of Griots Detail spray (speed shine). Vinegar with some water would be another good choice. I also carry two cotton towels for 'those bird emergency's'.
I'm with Rip. I carry 2 towels and detail spray:) If the "bomb" has had a chance to dry be sure to resaturate (water or even lay a wet towel on it for a few minutes) it before attempting to clean it off. Lots of grainy stuff that can scratch the paint in those little gifts:mad:
Im a newbie so take my advice with caution but ive doing a lot of research on what to keep as emergency bird crap kit. Was going to go with meguairs final inpsection but others here seem to like griots speedshine. Plus, griots speedshine now comes in pre-moistened wipes in a travel container which look perfect for the trunk.

Keep that plus some distilled or seltzer water and some cotton towels and you should be all set.
Thanks guys...

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