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Greetings All.

I actually signed up and started trawling Bimmerfest in January for European Delivery info. What a help that's been! I never introduced myself since I figured that once I'd done the ED my attention to, or need for, the Fest would be done. However, now that I've dropped off my car in Munich and await its arrival in the US in a month or so, I continue to find additional things to browse, and the list of interest items keeps growing! I know now I'll use a board sponsor for my next ED because 1) I wasn't satisfied with the dealer I was connected to before joining BF, 2) there's no other way to get a new Bimmer than through ED, and 3) no one is smarter about ED than boarders.

The Bimmer that I'm awaiting delivery of is a 2008 335i coupe, space gray with black dakota/brushed aluminum interior. I loaded it with everything I thought I'd want except PDC (I'm always less than 12" from something when I parallel park), Active CC (I don't want to surrender that much driving control or road attention), or satellite radio (I've had it before and wasn't impressed).

This is my second Bimmer. The first one was a 2002 325ci. First thing I learned from that car that helped me with ordering the new one is to not scrimp on options. If I thought I might want it, I got it. Why nickel & dime options adding less than 1 or 2% cost to the car and be regretful later that I didn't get everything I thought I'd want? Like, is the sunshade really that worthwhile? Don't know yet but it sounded like a good idea for those hot summer days. So add that sunshade! Second thing learned, order top of the line so I'll still be content with my purchase in 3 years. Third thing learned, order the car with European Delivery. An acquaintance of mine asked, why do European Delivery when you can just get the car in Baltimore. :rolleyes: If they don't get it, they don't get it.

I enjoyed the 325ci but, being a bit of a greenie, I thought doing the economical/ecological thing would be equally satisfying as the performance/luxury thing. I traded the 325ci in last year with 78K miles for a Honda Civic Hybrid. Got the full tax rebate for it this year! While I still "respect" the Civic, I learned that economical/ecological doesn't turn my crank like a Bimmer. I would now even argue the point that the Hybrid is a better ecological choice than the Bimmer. While I don't regret the decision to trade in the 325ci, it was less than a year later that I knew I wanted the new 3, and in December placed my pre-order for the 335i.

Besides that, I live in Ellicott City MD, a suburb between Baltimore and DC, and commute about 16000 mi/yr (comfort during those miles is a plus!). Btw, I'll be selling the Civic to my partner who will be retiring in a year or so and has had fleet cars his whole career. So the Civic will stay in the family and be a competent "first car" for him.

Cheers, and Tschüss!
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