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One year ago...

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I ordered my first BMW, and the long, painful wait began, 11 weeks to delivery. No response necessary, just wanted to share the date that I finally purchased one of the best automobiles on this planet called Earth. :)

Incidently, 14,500 miles, no creaks, no rattles, no sticky pedal, no NOTHING. The car is perfect (except after two weeks I DID have to have the speaker in the drivers side front door replaced)
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Ripsnort said:
Well, I am thinking of starting to drive my truck more on my commute, its 300 miles a week...just to keep the milege low on the car, but then a friend said "you bought the [email protected]#^damn car to drive! Why NOT put the miles on it??" Made sense to me!

I love this car. I still turn around and admire its beauty every time I go into the house from the garage.
I agree with your friend. It's the ultimate driving machine not the ultimate look-at-it-sitting-in-your driveway machine. ;)

BTW - happy anniversary :D
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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