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One year ago...

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I ordered my first BMW, and the long, painful wait began, 11 weeks to delivery. No response necessary, just wanted to share the date that I finally purchased one of the best automobiles on this planet called Earth. :)

Incidently, 14,500 miles, no creaks, no rattles, no sticky pedal, no NOTHING. The car is perfect (except after two weeks I DID have to have the speaker in the drivers side front door replaced)
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Ripsnort said:
Well, I am thinking of starting to drive my truck more on my commute, its 300 miles a week...just to keep the milege low on the car, but then a friend said "you bought the [email protected]#^damn car to drive! Why NOT put the miles on it??" Made sense to me!

I love this car. I still turn around and admire its beauty every time I go into the house from the garage.
A few miles aren't going to hurt the car and the way you maintain it, you shouldn't suffer too much on resale even with higher mileage. An informed buyer will understand.
Ripsnort said:

Thats good to hear...I plan on owning this one for at least 5 years...was thinking "M3" route, but common sense got the better of me, we're going to start building our retirement Cabin in Montana soon, instead of depreciation, I'll have appreciation in my next investment. :)
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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