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One year ago...

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I ordered my first BMW, and the long, painful wait began, 11 weeks to delivery. No response necessary, just wanted to share the date that I finally purchased one of the best automobiles on this planet called Earth. :)

Incidently, 14,500 miles, no creaks, no rattles, no sticky pedal, no NOTHING. The car is perfect (except after two weeks I DID have to have the speaker in the drivers side front door replaced)
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Congrats Rip!! :)

Almost 20 months and 19K here. I agree with, this is also the best car I have ever owned.

Well minus, two sunshades being eaten, door seals replaced, passenger door tweeter and mid replaced, new window seal, and various other minor crap!! :mad:

How is you crack in the windshield holding up?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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