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Online source for oem parts

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I am getting a 2013 328 convertible. The wind deflector for that car is a fortune at my local dealer. Can anyone recommend an online source for the oem wind deflector? Perhaps a dealer associated with these boards that prrices these accessories more competitively?
Thank you.
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Tischer BMW, known online as Certified BMW dealer and all parts are BMW OEM at a much cheaper price than you would usually pay at a dealer with sales tax. However, depending on how much the parts, are, how much your dealer gives for a BMW CCA discount (assuming you're a BMW CCA member), the $7.95-$14.95 shipping fee and $3.95 handling fee at Tischer might make the point moot.

Bavarian Auto and ECS Tuning are other good sources for OEM parts and accessories. All three of these companies are board sponsors.

You just bought a new BMW and you're not a BMW CCA member yet? Did you know that you could have gotten a $500 rebate on your new 3 Series from BMW CCA if you had joined BMW CCA a year ago? So click on the link in my sig and join now! to find the part number. to find the best price.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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