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What are you talking about? The 335i is $2100 more than the 330i.
tMan said:
Thanks Jon.

However, now I'm torn between the current 330i sedan and the upcoming 335i as it looks like when similarly equipped, the 335i is less!

God Darn!, why can't it ever be easy.
2006 330i = $33,485
2007 335i = $35,605 + 180 (training service fee) = 35,785

US Invoice Price for 335i is $2,300 more. I don't think the options are any different, so I'm not sure how you are finding a 335i to be less than a 330.
tMan said:
Sorry, I should've been more clear.... The invoice pricing is less.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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