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Only on THIS Board - Picked Up the BMW Individual 325xiT - Rocks!

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:D :D :D

I cannot even begin to tell you how pleased I am (after the 90 day wait) to have the machine. I traded in ML320 and this BMW has 50% better quality and features.

2002 325xiT; TiSil; Black 'Ette; Step; CWP; PDC

Individual: Arizona Sun Maple Wood trim; Auto headlights and rain sensor wipers.

I'll do a full report with photos later, but I drove from Germany for 4 hrs yesterday in a hurricane - 90-100km/hr winds with torrential rain - and she was rock-solid. Not one DSC engagement.

Quick observations:

- Engine note sweet

- Step (even in Man) is not stick, but it's also not bad - can't wait for bigger rev oppportunity

- Stock stereo is *excellent*. I'm no audiophile, but I upgraded my MB system with Clarion head and MB Quart speakers - this is still twice as good - *STOCK*. From what I have seen the Phatbox on a stock system would be best money spent on sound -- if you can find the Phatbox (MP3 player), that is.....

- Non-sport seats are squirrely. It takes a lot of time to adjust them (manually), but they are comfortable and give good support. BUT, I'm not super aggressive in the twisties and I can see why some recommend sport for seats. Too bad they are not a stand-alone option. Oddly, I yearn more for the thigh support than the lumbar support.

- Only complaint is windows squeak up and down (tight rubbers...STS). My guess is they will "wear in" and perhaps some of the leak complaints have caused a tightening of tolerances. Anyone else notice this on 2002's. Any fix - KY Jelly <;-)

Standby for news and pix.

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I am considering ordering a 325i with the Individual Antracite Birch Wood. How much were you charged for the Individual Arizona Sun Wood and did it add to you overall vehicle delivey time?
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