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My situation has gone way to far and I feel the need to vent. Here is my dilema.

1. Back in late Dec I ordered my 3rd BMW form Open Road. Terms were very aggressive, low interest rate, good residual and the car a few hundred over invoice.

2. Car is built in late Jan with a mid Feb delivery date. Good timing since my current lease had a 2/28 expiration date.

3. On 2/15 I rec an email from my dealer that the car should arrive at the dealer on 2/16 and that they would like to deliver on that date or the day after. Dealer policy is to get rid of it right away. I reply to him that I am not able to pick the car up until Saturday.

4. I never rec word back, so I call on Thursday b/c he's off on Fridays to see if we are set for Saturday. We talk on the phone and he tells me we have a slight problem. My application has been losted and he needs to touch base with Financial Services but we should be good for Saturday.

5. I call on Saturday morning and my sales rep says they are still having problems with FS but hopes to have the situation resolved by today. I tell him ok, give him my cell number and call me when you receive word. I never hear back from him until I get home and find a message on my home phone saying he lost my cell number and the situation is not resolved.

6. So, I figure I leave the ball in their court and I probably should hear back on Monday, Tuesday the latest. I call on Wed and still the same situation. I give them another day an on Friday I leave a message for the sales manger and request he call me back that day with an update.

7. I don't hear back from the sales manager so I call my sales guy on Saturday Morning and he says I though you and my sales manager spoke yesterday and everything was ok. I tell him he did not call me back and no we are not working together on this. He tells me he will touch base with his manager and have him call me back right away. I go out for lunch come back with a message on my phone, so I return his call. He says they have a paritial commitment from FS and they are working hard to resolve the issue. I tell him my current lease is set to expire on Sunday I need to get the car back to them. They tell me that I have a 10 day grace period with no penalty and they hope to have the issue resolved on Monday. I tell them Monday is no good since I am going on a business trip and wont' be back until Friday 3/4. They say ok, no problem should be done when you get back.

8. Surprise, surprise I call this morning and haven't heard back. WTF are these guys doing. I already have lost faith with their service department now I think I need to find another dealer all together. What to do, what to do. I want the car but this situation is really becoming unacceptable!

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