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Opinions on this car....

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I have the option to buy this car for $3300 sight unseen. I have to decide in the next hour. Everything looks good except for the TMU on the title. Does that really kill the value that much? Was thinking about driving this though the winter and flipping in the spring for profit.

Obviously if it turned out to be junk in person I would walk.
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This car was posted on eBay about 2 weeks ago and the bid ended between $6500 and $7200. $3500 is not bad. That's below the trade in value regardless how rich or poor the condition.
I would pass, it looks really rough.

Door ding/dent in drivers side and rear [dent and scratch cosmetic]
Replaced front bumper and fog lights [this is not painted the same color as the car. It is primed, please refer to pics provided]
Sunroof lip needs replaced but still functional otherwise
Tear in driver side bucket seat and wear from children in back seat kicking around
Check engine light is on, vehicle has passed state inspection in past 12 months
Rear driver side window needs new internal cable will not roll down
Check engine light and then you need paint on the driver door and front bumper. I'm guessing the owner at some point stopped putting money into it and drove it till the wheels were about to fall off. I'd expect massive repair bills looming and little that has been spent on maintenance.
There are reasons why this is for $3500. If you really think you can flip this for a profit, I have some beach front property in Nevada for you. If you could get more, why can't he? There are reasons why. You just can't see them in an ad...
lol, just saw this
Odometer Problem Title and ProblemCheck The vehicle has odometer-related problems. These may include discrepancies such as not actual miles, a broken odometer, exceeding a vehicle***8217;s mechanical limits, a mileage discrepancy, or suspect miles.
Lots of E39 have TMU titles because of the broken pixels. Checking the carfax shows consistent mileage recorded verifying that 115k. I use to own a used car dealer and flip cars for a living. Worst case scenario I should break even. Just painting the front bumper myself and re posting it for sale with better pictures and description should make it sell for $4k at the very lowest. I have fixed everything I can on my 2002 M3 and just need another toy to play with.
That actually makes sense on the mileage. Well if you used to own a used car dealership aren't you the expert then? :)
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