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Opinions please, 2nd car a '97 M3 or a '97 540-6speed?

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I’m a first time poster. I’ve had many BMWs over the years, starting with a ’72 2002 tii and ending with an ’88 M5, which I sold 2 years ago when I bought my Boxster. I'm going to replace my present 2nd car ('94 Audi 90Q). I'll be using the car mostly in the winter, but it will come in handy when I need to carry more than 2 people.

I’d like to hear opinions on both the ‘97/’98 M3 or ‘97/’98 540 6-speed. Because it will be primarily a winter car, and we do get 5+ months of winter here in Alberta, I’m especially interested to hear how the traction control works on each car in icy and snowy conditions.

I’ll be posting this on both the 3-series and 5-series boards in order to get as balanced a view as possible.

Thanks in advance. :)
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The 540i would make a lot more sense, overall, especially when any potential loss of fun is more than balanced out by the availability of your Boxster.
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