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Opinions please, 2nd car a '97 M3 or a '97 540-6speed?

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I’m a first time poster. I’ve had many BMWs over the years, starting with a ’72 2002 tii and ending with an ’88 M5, which I sold 2 years ago when I bought my Boxster. I'm going to replace my present 2nd car ('94 Audi 90Q). I'll be using the car mostly in the winter, but it will come in handy when I need to carry more than 2 people.

I’d like to hear opinions on both the ‘97/’98 M3 or ‘97/’98 540 6-speed. Because it will be primarily a winter car, and we do get 5+ months of winter here in Alberta, I’m especially interested to hear how the traction control works on each car in icy and snowy conditions.

I’ll be posting this on both the 3-series and 5-series boards in order to get as balanced a view as possible.

Thanks in advance. :)
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robg said:
Hey Alex-

Given that you'd primarly be using this car in the winter, why wouldn't you go w/ another Audi quattro? Did you have a really bad experience w/ the 90 or do you just really crave the BMW feel again?
You make some excellent points. I like everything about the Audi except the V6 engine. The throttle response is awful, and it would cost big $$$ to increase the hp and torque to a reasonablelevel, say 220 hp. However, I still may go with another Audi, say a low mileage S6, which has the turbo 5 cylinder engine..... but I do miss the BMWs. I had at least one in my garage from 1972 to 2000. Although Audi makes a nice car, it still takes suspension upgrades to equal the handling of BMW sport suspension.

Thanks for the heads-up on the engine block. I'll keep this in mind while I'm car hunting. Who knows, since I've got all summer to look, I may end up with a demo or 1 year old 325/330 xi 5-speed.:thumb:
Thanks Clem.

It's good to know that DSC, coupled with a good set of winter tires, works well in Edmonton winters.

You have a great looking car. I hope to see you on the road sometime. I live in the westend, not far from the Valley Zoo. If you see a guy waving at you who is driving a red Audi 90Q (for the next couple of weeks) or a triple black Boxster, that'll be me. :)
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