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Opinions please!

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..on OZ wheels, specifically OZ Monte Carlo's. Anyone have any experience with these wheels??

Anyone have pics of these wheels on an E46?

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do OZ sells that for E46 offset? A friend of mine have them on his E36 325i. Looks very much like Racing Dynamics RGS and RDS. :)

Also heard that OZ rims are kinda heavy.

That I don't know. :( But here's a site that gathers weights of the wheels:

Also, why not go for BBS? :)
Re: Re: ...

Just did! Gosh! I am hopeless! :p

nate328Ci said:

clean out your mailbox :eek:
Re: Re: ...



btw, how's that hood going? ;)

bol said:

What's this!?! Vince suggesting something other than Alpina? Oh my... (oh wait... he wants to keep it rare... yeah that's it...)

Just joking Vince :)
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1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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