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Orange Co. area members check the Detailing Board - clinic rescheduled

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the Detail Clinic at the Carnuba Store has been rescheduled for Sunday June 2nd @ 9:30. Check the Detailing Board for more info.
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About half (since 15 is odd) of the 15 spots for the clinic are spoken for. :thumb:

If you'd like in, let me know ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a little over half full

Update. We're slighlty over half full (8) on the 15 slots for the detail clinic.

Let me know ASAP in you'd like to be there, I'm going to open it up to basically anybody (roadfly, friends, etc) soon.
Detail Clinic is FREE

Hi all -

I've gotten a few messages asking what the cost is. I forgot the first rule of marketing: People love the word FREE! There is no cost for the clinic.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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