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Orange County Detail Clinic / Fact Finding Session - Sat. May 18th

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Postponed - Orange County Detail Clinic / Fact Finding Session - Sat. May 18th

Hi All -

Postponed until June

The detail clinic part of the day will now be hosted at the Carnuba Store in Costa Mesa!!!!!!!!!!!!! See later posts on this thread for details.

After the morning session in Costa Mesa, then lunch a follow up session at my house in Huntington Beach can be available.

Anyone interested in coming let me know (so I have a general idea how many people to look for) via private message or an e-mail at:
[email protected]

Hopefully the HACK (if he's not playing hockey) can make it.:)
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Keep in mind what worked in your detailing clinic so you can share it with the rest of us. I could see hosting one as well, gathering some of the SF Bay Area experts to see what they can do.

Some things I would want to see:

  • How to wash a car properly
  • Use of the Porter Cable
  • Polymer (Zaino, Klasse) vs. Carnauba Wax (Blitz, Meguires, P21S)
  • How to Remove Scratches and Rock Chips
  • Wheel Cleaning
  • Xpel


Hi All - Updates for the Detail Day / FF Session

Bing doesn't want to get too late a start (but others may be hung over) so we'll start at 9:00 (that's AM)

The detail clinic will now be held at the Carnuba Store in Costa Mesa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See later posts on this thread for details!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaz is talking about possibly doing some sway bar and SSK action also so that would be after the clinic at my house

Directions to the house:

- 405 freeway to Golden West and take Golden West WEST toward the ocean.
- Take Golden West all the way to PCH (a T intersection at the beach) and go LEFT (South)
- Take PCH to 11th Street (turn left and the Sun and Sands Motel)
- go to the end of the 4th block (428). Tall house on the corner of 11th and Pecan with garage around back.

e-mail or send private message if you can make it or have any questions.
Wow, 9am... heh. Okay then.

Can I come in my PJ's? ;)

Looking forward to it...


PS Can I bring donuts or anything? How many are going to be there?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marco at the Carnuba Store in Costa Mesa has graciously agreed to give us a detail clinic at his store on Saturday morning the 18th @ 9:00 !!!!!!!!!!!

Marco does detail clinics for the Porsche and Jaguar clubs as well as supplying Sterling and Crevier BMW with all their detail supplies. He has 2 detail tents, supplies and I think even supplies donuts. He gives instruction and we do the work so it's a hands on clinic as opposed to a demonstrtion. He does one dirty car and one near new car and I am willing to volunteer both. For Bing, he does not carry Klasse but if we bring some, we can use it on one section and do a comparison with his products. SONET, you can wear your PJs, but I might need a driver to take the 2nd vehicle over. Also your digicam would be of great use.

He would like to keep the size of the group to 15 or less so I need anyone wishing to be there to let me know ASAP !!!!!!!! I need to call him Monday to verify that we are on.

The Carnuba Store is located at 2146 Newport Blvd. in Costa Mesa. Directions:

- from the 405 take the 55 freeway South and take the 22nd St./Victoria exit. Go to 20th St. and turn left to cross over the freeway and then left again to go back North on Newport Blvd.
The Carnuba Store in on the right side.

- from PCH take Newport Blvd North (inland) until you get past 20th St. and start looking for The Carnuba Store on the right side.

they may also have directions on their website:

This should be a great clinic and after that, people can stick around a little to pick up their detailing needs and then reconvene at my place (directions in earlier post) after lunch for a continuation or a Kaz sway bar and SSK install.

Anyone interested please reply on this thread or send me an e-amil or private message ASAP!!!!!!!!!! I know this is short notice but if we can pull this off, Marco may be willing to do this for the Bimmerfest people a few times a year! :)
Sounds awesome Scott. I'll be there and I promise I won't wear my PJ's. :D

I'll e-mail you this weekend...

Scott, thanks for the arrangement. I will be there.
that does sound like fun....

I only had time to apply Klasse to my (MY 2002 / 330i / Steel Gray) trunk-lid this weekend.

The All-In-One has to be the easiest wax in the world to apply!

1. Wet the applicator pad (with water) and ring it out.
2. Apply 1 spray (shot) of Eagle-One Wet wipe n' shine.
3. Apply a NICKEL size drop of Klasse.
4. Apply to car and work-in, I went over each area about three times.
5. No need to let dry, grab a micro-towel and wipe off (rotating towel sides of course).

I applied the Klasse (SG) Sealent Glaze the same way EXCEPT I did allow it to dry about 30 minutes. They say the longer the better. It came off without any effort.

The trunk lid is noticeably smoother and slicker, not sure if I really see a difference in the depth of shine vs the wax the Dealer had on it (the car is only 6 weeks old). BUT:

I do plan to put at least two more coats of the SG as they say it will add depth.

I really like the fact that this will last nearly a year as I can then spend more time detailing other parts of the car...

Based on my extremley limted Klasse experience, I don't see anybody having trouble using it, being happy with the shine on YOUR paticular color or car, I will leave open for debate....

The Carnuba Store, on such short notice, turned out to have a schedule conflict. We're looking to reschedule in June. More info to follow.

June works better! I am going to be out of town this weekend and would totally dig on a detailing session. Post the details.

Also, I have an Oil Extractor we could bring to your house to do an oil change for someone so you guys can see how simple it is!

Keep us posted on the new date!:thumb:
I should be able to make it if it's on a Saturday...Sunday, afterall, is hockey day.

I'll bring all my tools and cleaning supplies...Better make sure you have plenty of soft tap water, an electrical outlet, and a sh*t load of clean, dry 100% cotton terrys.

Let me know the date and time. It's hard for me to do mornings on the weekend but I'll get up for such an event.
Sorry HACK

Unfortunately, the best day that worked out for people (The Carnuba Store included) was a re-schedule on Sunday June 2nd @ 9:30. I got a bunch of e-mails this morning so I think we are close to filling the 15 spots.
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