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Order has been placed for the 2003 !!!!

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Well guys, it looks like the order is in

It's gonna be a 2003 330i with
- Manual transmission *thanks TD* (heh heh, I couldn't resist ;) )
- Premium Package
- Sports package
- Xenon's
- Heated seats
- Metallic Color

Delivery should the end of November / early December

Trade in on my 330Ci as of today would be $29,700, of course it's gonna get reappraised in 2 months so I am hoping it will stay around $29,000 even . . .

I wanted you to put your mind at ease that I will be here for the next 2 years to harass all of you ;) ;) :D :D
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The reason I didn't put the color in is because

I CAN'T DECIDE !!!!!!!

It's between
1) Orient blue/Sand or Topaz/Grey (there's that color again)
2) Steel Blue/ Sand
3) Black with sand or Nat brown

Also, in that exact order - the reason Ihave 2 number 1's is becasue they are tied for first place . . .

My real concern is I will get bored of the blues . . .
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Cliff3 said:

Don't you get bored with everything? And, haven't you been driving a black car for the past 2 years? Finally, where'd the steel blue/sand combo come from?
Yes I get bored but my 330 has managed to keep my interest for 2 yrs & 2 months which is a record . . .

I saw a bueatiful steel blue with sand 325 with sport at the dealer that had just been detailed. . . I never considered that color unitl I saw this one and it looked really nice. The problem is when that color is dirty it takes on a pale look

As far as black . . . well what can I say . . . I LOVE that color for all my cars and if I wasn't getting almost the same car I would get it again but it really would look almost exactly the same.

I am REALLY thinking of Topaz and the ONLY reason I am not totally set is because at the dealer today it the sun was bright as h*ll and it really looks a pale in this sunlight . . .
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PM 325xiT said:

That has my vote too :)

As I read for initial post, I was ready to reply and tell you to special order Techno Violet.:p Then I scroll down and see Alex B. post, then is an OMEN Alan :eek: :dunno:
you guys gotta be kidding me :dunno: :dunno:
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Ok guys . . . decision is gonna be Topaz with gray (I'm 99% sure)

I can't help it . .. I love that freakin color !!!!

Just look how good that loaner car looks in my driveway . . .

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atyclb said:

With the right wax topaz looks good in the sun too :dunno:
Are you saying I have to start waxing my car . . . please say it isn't so . . . the only wax to touch my 330 was the one I used the other day to get a LONG scratch off the bumper . . . that part of the bumper sure is shiny now . . . :D
twosomeca said:

Add: I did get a chance to look at your pic. It does look very nice, so I am not knocking the Topaz in the sedan. However, that pic was taken on a cloudy day, so I think it looks a bit darker in this lighting. Enjoy.
You make a good point, that picture was taken when it started getting dark out which is when I really love the Topaz color . . . in the bright sun it looks a little on the (dare I say) pale side
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PM 325xiT said:


Alan you ruined my plan:banghead: You were to buy the Tourmaline Violet then in 18 months or so I could buy it off of you:(

Damn Topaz curse is kicking in already:yikes:
LOL . . . don't worry Phil, I have 3 more days to change my mind . . . I'm going to go down to the dealer on Friday to give my final choice . . .

Send me a few $$$ and maybe we can work something out ;)
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twosomeca said:

Sorry. Could the choice be any more excruciating with us feeding you all of our comments? :p I went through the same thing. Man, good luck. It shouldn't be this hard, but having options is a good thing, right?
True . . options are both good and bad . . . too many of them could drive a person crazy trying to pick out the right ones . . .
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I'm telling you atyclb, your car MUST be a different color then Cliff's . . . they look so different in the pictures . . .
Big Al 330i said:
Alan, congrats and good luck. One question- Did you use the same dealer?
Al . . . thanks . . . Check your Private message box
Cliff3 said:

If you click my sig pic, you'll visit my site. I've got a mess of pictures of my car there, most of which lack any particular artistic merit and so they don't get posted by me. My favorite settings for my car have tended to be in bright sunlight. The pictures of my car on a mountain were taken at 3000+ feet on a bright, largely cloudless June morning around 9am. My sig picture was taken on a bright July morning (10:30-11am) on the coast of Oregon. I have other pictures of the car, like at the dealer the evening I accepted the car, but I think they're kind of boring and never post them. They do show the other hues to be found in topaz though.


There could also be some color bias in the cameras. FWIW, my pictures have all been taken with a Canon S40. I do very little post-processing beyond cropping and resizing the images. What little I do, I use Paint Shop Pro.
Cliff, I just checked out your website and I see what you mean . . . there are some pictures of your car that definitely look darker and richer in color . . .

BTW great to see pics of a fellow bimmefest member :thumbup:

It puts a face to the messages
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Mike . . . you are right . . . JB really IS my color . . . Don't go placing any bets on me just yet . . . I'd feel bad if you lost money on my account . . . but then again, after seeing your house, it looks like you could afford to lose a few bucks here and there :thumbup:

Ack, thanks for the congrats buddy . . . I decided on Orient blue with sand or was that topaz with grey, or was it Jet black with sand . . . Sheesh, not even I could remember ;)

Cliff . . . that smile would do wonders for you ;) :D
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PM 325xiT said:


Are you sure you don't want to consider another more unique color Alan :dunno:
Maybe you are right and I should get PURPLE !!!

Do you think I can get a yellow interior or maybe even green !!
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IndyMike said:

All kidding aside, just let it fly on Friday when you make the final call and don't look back. None of the color choices really reek.
Thanks Mike for the reassuring words . . . your right, the overall picture is that all of the colors don't reek (or how I like to think about it, look good ) !!

Sometime I get lost in the little stuff and don't see the WHOLE picture . . .

Good words of advice :thumbup:
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rbright said:

On the Sedan???? YUCK!!!!

With all the nice, luxurious colors available for an up and coming 34 year old, with a family, and you pic WHAT?????

No offense Topaz, and Tpz, and all you other cool cats out there, but that color is at the bottom of my list, especially for a sedan. It looks cool on the coupe, but the sedan...No way.

There, I said my piece, made my enemies, now, Alan, Leave us alone, please.

Just all in fun guys, just so happy that he chose a color, any color, just to kill the thread.
Your killing me and at the same time I am cracking up from your honesty :)

Good post :thumbup:
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Plaz said:
Okay, I'll weigh in...

Alan, you gotta go with Orient Blue.

You get the splash of color you've been yearning, as a difference from black.

It's not pale in the bright sun.

You get the classiness of black, and if you squint a little, it almost looks black at night.

It's the best of both worlds... the black and blue worlds!
My G-D your car looks incredible Plaz . . . why did you have to do this to me :banghead:

Ok, Ok, I admit it, I'm leaning towards the Orient blue now !!

The only thing that kinda sucks is I saw 4 of them today and 2 of them were VERY dirty. For some reason my black car has never been as dirty looking as these 2 OB's looked . . .

Is the upkeep of this color gonna kill me . . . I admit I let my cars go for a long time without a wash (lets not even talk about waxing) . . . is it going to look like cr*p when it's dirty . ..
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berford said:

Hey, that's two votes for the same color, Alan. And you still save the cost of metallic. What a deal.:p :p :thumbup: :thumbup:
I like bright red but on the sedan I'm not crazy about it plus it's just not me . . . sorry guys :tsk:
berford said:

Then you'll just have to go back to THE COUPE...or maybe the CAB.:eek: :eek: :dunno: :dunno:
heh heh . . . if there is one thing I am sure about, it's that I want the 4 door . . . at least I have that one thing done in my mind !!
ALEX325i said:

Hey Alan,

Congrats! I was going to suggest Topaz too. However, IMO, Topaz/Sand is a better combo...
thanks Alex . . . I don't know about the sand in Topaz, when I see it I'm not crazy about it . . .
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