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ordering 2003 coupe

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when do i have to order if i want the car to get delivered by mid-late-october?

im planning to order on 1st week of august....
will i be able to get it by october?

when should i order to get the car before late october?

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vodc4 said:
how long does it take to produce ?
2 weeks?3 weeks???
From the beginning of production until it's at the port waiting to be shipped to the U.S., it takes about 3 weeks. But then it takes 4 weeks to ship it from Germany to the U.S., and it can take even longer if it's built in South Africa.
JST said:

I think they still build all of the coupes in Regensburg, and only build 325 sedans in Rosslyn, SA, but my info may be out of date.'re right..I didn't pay attention to what he was ordering.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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