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Ordering timetable to delivery 2016 M235i F23 Convertible

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October 6th, ordered 2016 M235i F23 Convertible with M-Exhaust and Rocker Graphics
October 10th, production began
October 17th, car produced date
October 20th, car left for port
October 27th, car left Bremerhaven Germany
November 11th, car arrived in Brunswick Georgia (SSI)
November 12th, car arrived at processing center (Port installed options added - M-Exhaust and Rocker Graphics)
November 15th, car was loaded for transport to BMW of Dallas
November 17th, car arrived at BMW of Dallas
November 18th, received delivery:)
39 days from order to receipt
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way shorter then everyone who is waiting for a Golf R... it seems as though the R is a unicorn, at least for me.

I'm glad I ended up with my M235i instead.

Congratulations on your purchase.
I love how some dealers continue to claim that 2 series cars are difficult to get. What nonsense. If that was the case there's no way you could get a special order car so quickly.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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