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OT: Can't wait til the morning.

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Damn I am hella pissed. I came home and see that I got a letter from my Mortgage company saying that my mortgage was not paid for the month of February. i am like what the f***. I go to the book keeping and see that I paid with check number 1221, then I go to my bank book keeping, only to find out that these m***** f****** have cashed my check and freaking sending me bills and wasting my time. I am really ticked right now, so i can't wait til the morning to call and bitc* at them. Geez, thank God for keeping paper work saved. Sorry I had to vent usually I am not violent person. Do things like only happen to me or everyone else as well????

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I hear you.

Mistakes do happen, but this is really unacceptable. This is the second time it happened to me. This mortgage company just sucks! Last time it took 3 months to resolve as they are so slow in their process. What the hell?? I have cancel check showing they took my damn money, and want 3 months to investigate. And the worst part is it gets handed to different person every 2 weeks and I have to start my story with each person as they are not good at communicative. That's the worst part. I am a forgiving and easy going person, but when you have a IT job that is slave driven getting on the phone to sort out these kind of things are almost impossible. ok my 2cents

LIL Raja
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