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OT: Can't wait til the morning.

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Damn I am hella pissed. I came home and see that I got a letter from my Mortgage company saying that my mortgage was not paid for the month of February. i am like what the f***. I go to the book keeping and see that I paid with check number 1221, then I go to my bank book keeping, only to find out that these m***** f****** have cashed my check and freaking sending me bills and wasting my time. I am really ticked right now, so i can't wait til the morning to call and bitc* at them. Geez, thank God for keeping paper work saved. Sorry I had to vent usually I am not violent person. Do things like only happen to me or everyone else as well????

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Here I am clicking on the thread hoping to read about someone who'll be taking delivery of their new bimmer... or something just as exciting.

Relax. Shibit happens. As johnlew suggested you might opt for automatic withdrawal. Then you no longer need to worry.

My mortgage company accepts electronic payments from my bank via MS Money. It's always debited on the specified date.
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