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OT: First Welding Project

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I finally got off my butt and started doing some projects. First one is a wine rack made for a friend's birthday. The top is a 12" granite tile that matches tiles that he just used for his kitchen countertop. The rack is painted with a hammered bronze finish.

My welds are still ugly beginner welds. So for the most part it's weld... grind... weld... grind... I'm getting great practice with the angle grinder!

The hardest thing on this project was trying to get all the right angles square. I need lots more clamps, corner clamps, magnets, and jigs to make this easier.

Anyway, I thought it turned out acceptable for the first project.


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Bonezilla said:
Nice Job! Are you using a MIG welder? I've been thinking about getting a small MIG to start. I haven't welded since high school. I've always been an artisan in one way or another.
Yes, it's a Millermatic MIG - see this thread for prior discussion:

Randy Forbes said:
That looks great Shawn! I'm sure your friend will be pretty pleased with that; especially if you stock it :angel:
He gets one bottle to go on it - the rest is up to him :D He'll get it this weekend - luckily he doesn't peruse the forums.

Randy Forbes said:
Welding is definitely a learned art, no amount of VHS tapes and reading tips will steady your hand. I went through a lot of grinding wheels when I was learning too.
There's a lot to be said for a steady hand. Plus the right combination of voltage, wire speed, distance, gas pressure, etc. etc. Lots to learn and I expect it'll come together with practice. Projects like these are a great learning experience. I won't get near my coupe yet!

Randy Forbes said:
BTW, is that square tubing or barstock? A light "tack" at each joint for initial assembly (and then check for square/plumb & level) before finalizing each weld will go a long way towards keeping the final assembly straight and true. The heat from the welding process distorts the metal, but if it's all tacked together before the really heavy (heat generating) welding is done, the pieces can't pull (very much) out of position. Skipping around (not literally...) will also help to keep the generated heat to a minimum.

But still, NICE WORK! :thumbup:
That's 1/2" barstock, with angle for the top frame. Thanks for the tips - the project book I used had the same hints but it helps to have them reinforced.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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