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[OT] I want a Mini!

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So I was just over at pricing out my dream Mini Cooper S. What a little rocket that thing is gonna be. 0-60 in 6.9, 170hp of blown 4-cylinder power mated to a 6spd Getrag... gorgeous interior! My fully-loaded Mini-S was just under $26k, which I think is a steal for the car that you're getting.

Anyone else think this is a sweet little ride?
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See I'm not so concerned about the room. I like the looks, and I can't imagine it would take too much to make this thing a sub-6s 0-60 mini monster.

Maybe since you have an M3, we have different priorities when it comes to a 2nd car. =)
I think the Mini combines the proper dosage of fun while maintaining a solid luxury edge over the rest of the "econo"-car market. Hence my interest... I can't wait to test drive one!

(and guess who has a favorite Mini-authorized dealership close by?)
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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