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[OT] I want a Mini!

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So I was just over at pricing out my dream Mini Cooper S. What a little rocket that thing is gonna be. 0-60 in 6.9, 170hp of blown 4-cylinder power mated to a 6spd Getrag... gorgeous interior! My fully-loaded Mini-S was just under $26k, which I think is a steal for the car that you're getting.

Anyone else think this is a sweet little ride?
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Ummm. i think I will pass too on this Mini S.

I have a deposit with the local dealer and interestingly i got a call today on my voicemessage to come in to test drive one. I however think i am gonna back out of this. The car looks really nice and all, but for the size it's 2 expensive. More importantly I think I rather spend another 6k and get a honda s2k. i know I know---a honda is a honda and a mini is a bmw. but i have one bmw of my own and each siblings in our family has one as well. Meaning I have access to them all the time. if I was rich and could get all the cars in the world I want then mini would be there on top of the list. But for now, I will ask my deposit back tomorrow.

LIL Raja

ps. unless after driving it I am totally sold and need to have one of my own.
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