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Our 2013 550i

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Our 550i is finally in the driveway!!!! The wife is enjoying it to no end while I just get pictures and hear about it while I'm stuck in Afghanistan:(. Can't wait until November when I get my turn behind the wheel!!!!:roundel:


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Thank you for your service. Car looks awesome with the 550 grill. can you please tell the % of tint that you have got? looks very close to my liking.
The car has it's stock grill (550i) and the windows look darker due to overcast day. There is no tint applied.
yes, what i meant was that the stock 550i grill looks awesome with Alpine white. hadnt seen an Alpine white 550i in this forum.
just to be sure that the tint is solely due to overcast conditions, what is your interior trim?
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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