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Outside Drivers Mirror Problem

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The last couple of days I've been doing a load of research on the exterior mirror, on the driver's side.

Around town a used one goes for $550. With no guarantee, so I've passed on that one. Using Google for more information, I ran into Bimmerfest and started digging. In the BMW Forums, BMW model Discussion, X Series I found some rather interesting information. I started at the beginning and so far have read 69 Pages. Good stuff.

In the MBW Owner's Manual they describe Button #3 for use in setting the mirrors when going through a car wash but they don't describe how to use it to reset a wobbly mirror, that won't stay locked in the extended position.

I started the vehicle. Pressed the button several times and then hit pisition 1 on the side of the seat and there it was. All tight again.

That part I found on your forum. You just might have saved me $700. Plus.

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Also, look at the bottom of the mirror there is a small circle panel. Pop this off and inside are 3 screws with a torx head. Tighten them up gently, don't over tighten. If it still is loose the mirror black trim can be seperated from the color panel. At the top of the mirror arm there are 3 or 4 more torx head screws that can be tightened.

Glad you saved money! I know I was in your shoes too and read on here how to fix it!
My Mechanic checked out the screws on the bottom and tightened them to no avail. He didn't do any further adjustments and so we ordered replacement parts. This guy has worked on several other vehicles for me and is an expereinced, reliable, certified mechanic.

I went to see him this morning for the scheduled installation. I explained about the 3rd button and the reset. He laughed, checked it out and agreed it was "fixed". He called the local Dealership and informed then the part would be returned. There was no restocking fee and O'Rileys a local parts store who does runs over on that side of town has agreed to returm them.

So I saved a few bucks.
Dirty Dan. Thanks for that tip. I had a bit of play in my drivers side mirror. I popped the cover, tightened those torx screws and now my mirror is secure.
Dude you rock! I just fixed my mirror my self!! Thank you! :)
I was talking with a friend at work who owns an '05 like mine. He happened to mention that someone had pushed his mirrors in and now they were loose. I mentioned how this thread had helped me. I asked if he had the power folding mirrors. He said he didn't know. I described where the button was and suggested he try the things in this thread. We talked the following day. Problem fixed. He was a happy man. Thanks again guys.
DirtyDan, you're the best.

I literally fixed the mirror in 5 mins, and saved 700$+labour.

Ata 1 - Stealership 0
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