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Outside Drivers Mirror Problem

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The last couple of days I've been doing a load of research on the exterior mirror, on the driver's side.

Around town a used one goes for $550. With no guarantee, so I've passed on that one. Using Google for more information, I ran into Bimmerfest and started digging. In the BMW Forums, BMW model Discussion, X Series I found some rather interesting information. I started at the beginning and so far have read 69 Pages. Good stuff.

In the MBW Owner's Manual they describe Button #3 for use in setting the mirrors when going through a car wash but they don't describe how to use it to reset a wobbly mirror, that won't stay locked in the extended position.

I started the vehicle. Pressed the button several times and then hit pisition 1 on the side of the seat and there it was. All tight again.

That part I found on your forum. You just might have saved me $700. Plus.

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DirtyDan, you're the best.

I literally fixed the mirror in 5 mins, and saved 700$+labour.

Ata 1 - Stealership 0
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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