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oxygen sensor adaptation limit

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I just ran the codes for my 2001 325i and got codes saying "oxygen sensor adaptation limit cyl#1-3" "oxygen sensor adaptation limit cyl#4-6" Peak codes (19 E3 and E4) No other codes. Has anyone seen this? Does anyone have any idea what it means? The car has a strange cold rpm issue and I wonder if this is what is causing it. Thanks!
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Bump from dead..

That describes exactly my situation with the cold rpm issue and the codes, you replace your 02 sensors or find a vacuum leak??
In my case, I changed out the battery and the problem went away. I'm not sure if it was the draining of the electrical system or the actual voltage drop in the battery that fix the issue but that did it for me.
I had the same fault codes read when my fuel pump went bad. If its your fuel pump fix it yourself the dealer took way more than the job was worth and charged triple the cost of the part online.
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