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I'm pulling a P0031 code (aka 025 Hex19) that will just not go away. Shows up for Bank1 Sensor1 pre-cat 02 Sensor. I replaced the sensor with Bosch 13477 from Bavaria AutoParts. Cleared code, it popped right back up immediately. Indy shop took a look at it and said they swapped out Sensor1 and Sensor2 on Bank1, but the code persisted. Said I needed to get the DME module upgraded based on SI B 12 0704 or else the code would never go away.

Had that done at the dealership, and as soon as they cleared the code, it came right back immediately. After reviewing what had already been done, their assessment was that it is either the wiring harness or the DME module itself but would need to look at it officially before confirming. Before I pay another $130 for further diagnosis, does anyone have any thoughts on what could be the issue or what I could do myself to repair? I've searched the forums and aside from changing out the 02 sensor again, I didn't see anything specific.

2001 325i
141K miles

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