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I have a 97 2.8L and recently got a check engine light. OBDII indicates a P0455 code or Large EVAP leak or no Purge flow. I have noticed over the past several weeks a gas smell in the morning when I start up cold and a slight hesitation/misfire in the morning when I first press the gas to go in reverse. These things would seem to me to be related!

Based on what I've researched, it would make sense that the problem is most likely at the Purge control valve or in one of the lines going to the purge control valve since as I understand this allows the built up vapors in the canister that have built up while the car has been sitting to vent to the intake manifold. The only problem is that I can't seem to find where this sucker is! I've ruled out the gas cap because I've never left it off and the seal appears to be in good shape. I also would imagine a bad seal would indicate a small leak vs large leak.

Looking at, the closest thing I can find is a part called "Fuel Tank Breather Valve" item number 1 in the pic below.

As far as lines/fittings with leaks my highest suspect would be the lines marked 2 & 3 in below. My guess is that Line 3 is the same line that goes to the Fuel tank breather valve as well. I also saw a post by Randy Forbes that he had to replace Item 3 on the diagram which is the vacuum pump which is being monitored to determine if there is a leak - but I can't make the connection to that with the gas smell and hesitation on cold start.

I've also heard about a shutoff valve on the canister itself or item 2 on the diagram below.

I welcome any and all thoughts/experience before I raise her up on the jack stands to figure out the root cause.
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