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Forum Friends,
I'm relatively new to the forum, posting now re a CEL and fault code P0461 on my spouses 2018 X5 x35i.
I've been advised by our Service Advisor that it's ok to drive until we can get it taken care of in a few more weeks. Does this ring true to everyone? The code is faulty fuel level sensor. Can I continue to drive until I can get the X5 to the dealer for service?
Thanks in advance.
I've just sold my Porsche C4$ and have a new X3 M40i being built on order. I've been active in the past on Renntech and 6speed, and look forward to participation on the BMW forums. We've previously owned a 1985 325i convertible and a 2002 330i convertible and I'm looking forward to frequently checking out Bimmerfest.
Cheers, jl
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