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Paddle Shifters & Navigation

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I have good news and bad news.
The good news is that I have a confirmation number for my ED delivery e90 335i with premium, cold weather, sport package, step and navigation. The bad news is that my CA, who has great rep based on the forums, is saying that BMW rejected the paddle shifters compatibility with navigation. This doesnt make any sense, as I am sure that I have seen pictures of the e92 with Nav and paddle shifters and how can Nav impact the paddles shifters. This has been addressed with no real resolution on e90post, but does anybody have a definitive answer for US spec cars. Some seem to think that the paddle shifters are standard on the 335i with ZSP and step and the BMW marketing piece almosts reads that way. I have a short time frame to finalize my options and I would hate to miss out on this cool option that is only $100.

Does anyone else really know or have any emperical proof one way or another?:cry: :cry:
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You also forgot that the sport package removes the speed limiter from punny 130mph found on non sport package 335i cars.

if you dont get sport, and you do get auto, i take it you cannot get paddles?!
Sport really only adds seats and 18s in the coupes... sport suspension is standard, so really sport is not really a good idea to get if you like the regular seats and you are going to upgrade the wheels anyway...
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