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Paging Hack...Brake conversion

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Hey Dan,

I lost the printout of the message you posted at .org on the parts and procedure that you used for the brake conversion of your car. I did a search at .org and could not find it.

So, can you direct me again to the specific post?

I was going to just change the brake pads for my 323i with stock ones (actually I already had the parts from Cutter). However, the dealership's service advisor said that the front rotors were a little bit warped, and suggested I go with aftermarket rotors.

Btw, how is your brakes now? I remember you said the mushiness was taken care after you stomped on them a couple of times, right?


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I couldn't find it on .org either but here's the one I posted here:

Brake Upgrade

Can you also tell me the contact information of the place you got the stuff. I remember his name was Gino, right?

Gino Yang or Yan I think. His company advertises on .org. It's called Elite Auto, I believe. It was easier emailing him, tell him you're interested in rotors and have him call you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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