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Paint problem

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I had a small bird dropping on my roof the other day, nothing serious and no damage was done since I got rid of it quickly.

I used clean cold tap water which I carelessly left on the car - in the sun. This left some serious water spots that I just can get rid of. Its like the edges of the water spots are etched into the clear coat.

What do I do? :cry:

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JSE! don't mean to hijack your thread but...

Do you have the instructions on how you installed the clown nose blinky thingy somewhere online I can access? I installed the E46 M3 interior rear view mirror and now I can't get the autodimming mirror to work. From what I gathered I need to buy a new wiring harness and take the roof liner off so I can hook up the wiring harness to the Central Control Unit (most likely just to the fuse box, but I'll have to check that).

I remember you had to jump through quite a hoop just to hook up your alarm?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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